Friday, December 4, 2009

New Podcast Series on Grammar and Creative Writing

Soon, I'll be releasing my new book entitled Be Your Own Editor. Meanwhile, I just finished recording a 10-part podcast series on grammar, punctuation, English comp, as well as some creative writing material. If you're interested in how to avoid writing run-on sentences; when to use apostrophes properly; how to establish realistic dialogue in fiction; how to create strong characters; how to develop vivid background setting; how to organize and structure nonfiction material from manuscripts to college essays; the importance of maintaining consistency in point of view (POV) as well as verb tense conjugation; the most frequently misused words; and whether you can trust your spell-check, this series is for you. It's loaded on MySpace, it's free, and you can listen by clicking here: Enjoy! Sigrid Mac

Buy Be Your Own Editor directly through me by hitting the Contact Me button or sending an e-mail to sigridmac at Or simplifiy your life and get it on PayPal.


  1. Thanks, Kat! I'm not receiving comments, so I just saw this now. I appreciate your support. Sig


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