Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bruce Atchison Reviews Be Your Own Editor

We all understand that writing is a craft but it need not be a mysterious or tedious one. Sigrid Macdonald, a Canadian author and editor, has just written a guide to editing that is both informative and conversational. Even irksome subjects such as punctuation and sentence structure are handled in a light-hearted way. This book is perfect for beginners and serves as a refreshing reminder to long-time writers.

English was never my best subject in school. I dreaded receiving my essays back from my Language Arts teacher because I knew there would be red Xs and incomprehensible scribbles all over the page. My mind turned to mush daily as the teacher rambled on about conjunctions and clauses. Worse yet, nobody took the time to explain why my modifiers were misplaced or why my participles were dangling. A book such as Be Your Own Editor would have helped me get better marks and I would have appreciated the flashes of humour in the text.

Sigrid's book takes much of the mystery out of writing and does it with comradely kindness. From building confidence to publishing a story or non-fiction text, this guide will be of help to all who apply its lessons. While the book is not a replacement for style guides and the impartial scrutiny of somebody not emotionally invested in the work, it does serve to remind authors of all calibers about the basic mistakes we all make.

Be Your Own Editor can be purchased through Lulu Enterprises as an e-book and will be in paperback form in February. Visit Sigrid's blog for more information.

Bruce Atchison -- Canadian author of Deliverance from Jericho (Six Years in a Blind

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